Keerthan Goes to Taiwan

After a solid six months of app development, we decided as a team that it was time to take a break, unwind and recharge the batteries.

So we outsourced our sales to a gun firm for a month, closed the doors, and jumped on a plane bound for Asia.

Oh yeah!

First stop, Taiwan. We booked in to the Hotel Midtown Richardson in Taipei for our first stop. This one was not a complete holiday as we’re on the hunt for suppliers to manufacture some swag for us. Turns out that most of the manufacturing here is going to cost more than the American factories once we factor in the shipping and customs duties! Oh well.

We did get a chance to hang out a bit, but we were quickly back on a plane to Phuket, Thailand for some real rest and relaxation.

I’ll post some pics soon, but suffice to say, what happens in Phuket, stays in Phuket!

Anyway, we’re back to work, punching out some new apps that will blow you away, so watch this space!

Keerthan Heads To Crossfit

Heya! It’s Keerthan from Keerthan Info Solutions. Today, I thought I’d blog about something that is totally not related to business in the info tech industry…. but it’s pretty damn important to ensure you’re working most efficiently.

So what am I talking about? Your HEALTH Bro!

That’s right. If you’re fit, you’re going to feel better, be more alert, have more energy, and you’re going to be way more productive.

You’ll have less days off sick and you’ll be more motivated.

Plus you’ll be better looking. It’s a sad reality that more attractive people are more likely to get bigger pay raises and more promotion opportunities. And of course, there’s going to be a better chance of an office fling or a quicky with the secretary in the photo copier room ;)

So what am I doing to get fit? Crossfit, baby! That’s right, I’ve just joined up at my local Crossfit box, bought myself the best double under jump rope and I’m doing burpees until I pass out!

In just a few weeks, I’ve lost 8 pounds, and I’m seeing some muscle show up on my arms and shoulders. There’s even some signs of abs under that jelly belly. So I’m going to keep on smashing it, and before you know it I’ll be ripped!


Weight Loss Solutions and SEO tactics

Did you know that weight loss is one of the most competitive online niches? It’s amazingly lucrative, which means it attracts tens of thousands of online marketers looking to make a quick buck.

Most of them fail dismally, investing big dollars in building sites and trying to get them to rank well in Google. But with so many other established authority sites, it’s so hard to get your site visible within Google’s search results. Even Bing & Yahoo can be difficult to rank on.

One of our success stories isĀ which is a niche weight loss site specializing in the promotion of a product called UniqueHoodia, a natural appetite suppressant. As one of the lesser known products on the market, we were able to fairly easily devise an SEO strategy.

Within just a few weeks, we had this site ranking on page one of Google and Bing for a number of relevant buying keywords and the owners are seeing some really exciting results!

So if you’re running a site the needs people who buy hoodia gordonii or other weight loss supplements, get in touch. We know what we’re doing!

Dog Collar Info Solutions

At Keerthan Info Solutions, we’re dedicated to helping any business in any industry succeed in their online marketing programs.

One of our latest clients is . This is a dog training and dog products site based out of Sacramento who are doing great things in the online space. We’ve been working hard on the SEO for this website to help them rank well on Google, Bing and Yahoo and have had tremendous success in boosting their organic search results and reducing their reliance on paid advertising.

For example, they have a page on the site which promotes dog collars on Amazon, which with some skilled SEO tactics, we’ve managed to rank on page one of Google for a number of relevant search terms, and they are generating an exceptional level of sales via this particular page.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on out SEO services for your dog training websites.

Keerthan checks out the Dropship Lifestyle

We love it when we hear about a solid business that is crushing it online. And this week, we’ve heard about three amazing ecommerce businesses that are not only super profitable, but are also run pretty much on autopilot while the owners all hangout together and travel. At the moment they’re galavanting around south east Asia. What a tough life!

So when I managed to catch up with them, my one question was “What you you guys all have in common”. And they all gave my the one answer : “Dropship Lifestyle“!

They’ve all done this online dropshipping course and learnt a simple but effective system to get a profitable ecommerce shop up and running without having the hassle or the cost of looking after your own stock. This means they can run the business on the road, maybe spending an hour a day checking emails and chatting to suppliers.

Toto made the investment in the course back in his first two weeks, and now it’s all profit!

So I’m going to check it out, and I suggest you at least have a look too!

Keerthan Proudly Supports Wartrol Wart Removal Products

Greetings again from Keerthan!

We’re excited to announce our newest client is Wartrol who are a manufacturer of the #1 Wart Removal System in North America! We are providing technical services to ensure that Wartrol has the IT infrastructure in place to handle what is anticipated to be massive growth over the next twelve months as a result of their affiliate marketing business structure.

With hundreds of affiliates on board promoting Wartrol’s Wart Product, growth in excess of 100% is expected over the next 12 months to we’re super excited to be able to watch their jouney and be there to support them every step of the way.

All the best guys, this is going to be a ripper partnership@